Mango Mania Week

Young Dipsites of Nursery bid farewell to the month of July by celebrating 'Mango Mania Week' from July 24,2017 to July 28,2017. The week kick started by showcasing different varieties of mangoes.  Children enjoyed the exhibition of different Mango products wherein, Frooti, mango pickle, mango shake, mango cake, mango ice cream, mango juice and so many other delicious mango preparations were on the shelf for display. Teachers briefed the kids about the colour, shape, taste and benefits of mango. In addition to enhancing the knowledge about mangoes, the event was made super fun with activities like the 'Mango Race' and 'Mango Puppet Making’. There was a Special Assembly conducted by the children where they swayed with joy on the beats of rhymes and songs on mango. Kids were also shown a skit on the importance of trees. Having thoroughly enjoyed the 'Mango Mania Week', children refreshed themselves with 'Mango Tang’ drink. They left the school with ‘Mango Puppet’ as a take away and fond memories of “Fun ‘n’ Learn Mango Week”.