A Truly Melodious Victory!

The students of DPS, GBN participated in Inter School Patriotic Group Song Competition
Dhwani-2017 held at Amity International School, Noida on August 09, 2017 and secured the 3 rd
Position. Our school’s choir was engaged in a battle of rhythm with 36 participating schools and
was placed in the top three. Congratulations to the achievers!
1. Kaashvi Das 6-A
2. Kareena Arya 6-C
3. Ishaana Pandey 7-B
4. Varija Lakhera 7-D
5. Anis-ur- Rahman 7-E
6. Aayushi Roshan 8-A
7. Mihir Agarwal 9-A
8. Janav Mahendru 9-B
9. Neelanjan Mukherji 9-C
10. Utkarsh Upadhyay 9-C
11. Aadit Malhotra 8-D